Information on Visual Aids Available

1. We have a computer projection system available and also an overhead projector.

We recommend that you bring overhead viewgraphs of your presentation as a back up, in case there are hardware/software incompatibilities that cannot be resolved with your electronic presentation.

2. If you are planning a computer presentation, please get your disk (Floppy, CD, or Zip) along with you when you register on Sunday, August 18th, so your presentation can be moved to the hard drive on the laptop that will be connected to the projector. This will minimize any hardware/software incompatibilities that might otherwise occur.

3. We recommend that each presenter check the electronic compatibility between his/her computer presentation and the computer projection system before his/her talk. You can check the set-up during the following times on each of the three days (Aug.19-21).

For presentations in the morning sessions: 7:45 8:15 AM

For presentations in the afternoon sessions: 12:45 1:15 PM


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