Dynamics and Control of Complex Systems

in Nature and Society    



The Workshops on Dynamics and Control started in the 1980’s on the campus of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, where the first five of this series were held. After traveling around the globe for more than a decade, this year the venue of the workshop has returned back to where these workshops started from—Los Angeles. Over the years the reputation of these workshops has steadily increased placing them today in a most enviable position in the field of Dynamics and Control. For this, we are indebted to all our past and present participants and the consistently high caliber of their presentations. So far, every workshop has generated a set of Proceedings that have been published as special issues of reputable journals in the field or as books, the publishing houses often vying with one another to acquire the publishing rights.


We shall also take the opportunity at this workshop to celebrate and recognize the numerous contributions made by Professor Robert E. Kalaba to the fields of applied mathematics, engineering, and economics.


We are grateful to the US National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research for supporting this workshop. We are also thankful to the University of Southern California, and especially the Dean of the School of Engineering, for additional financial support and for his unwavering commitment to this workshop. 


The Organizing Committees welcome you to the 12th International Workshop on Dynamics and Control whose theme is Dynamics and Control of Complex Systems in Nature and Society. We have an exciting program ahead of us. We hope that you all will enjoy it, and, as always, actively participate in it.







International Organizing Committee


Local Organizing Committee


Firdaus Udwadia

University of Southern California, USA

Firdaus Udwadia

University of Southern California, USA



George Leitmann

University of California at Berkeley, USA

Hubertus von Bremen

University of Southern California, USA 



Felix Chernousko                             

Russian Academy of Sciences,

Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Russia

Henryk Flashner

University of Southern California, USA




Eberhard Hofer

University of Ulm, Germany




Arkadii Kryazhimskii

Steklor Institute, Moscow, Russia



Eduard Reithmeier

University of Hannover, Germany






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